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User Manuals Available Online
Systembase are pleased to announce that user manuals are now available from the downloads page of this website. To get a user manual automatically emailed to you, please fill out the form with you name, email address, serial number and select the required manual from the dropdown list.

BT Sports Select Systembase IP Codecs for New UK TV Channel

BT Sports

Over 60 Systembase C510ip Audio Codecs were recently supplied to BT Sports and Megahertz Broadcast for the new UK TV channel which was launched in August 2013. BT Sports studios are located at the new iCITY digital studios in London, which is the former Olympic International Broadcast Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. BT Sports have successfully been using the C510ip Codecs to stream high quality audio circuits over the BT VPN IP networks between their iCITY studios and the Outside Broadcast vehicles located at the sports stadiums. The C510ip Codecs have proved to be very reliable in providing the live commentary and 4 wire production communications circuits required.

"Dual Dial Upgrade" now Available
Systembase are pleased to announce that a flash firmware upgrade is now available that allows the ISDN version on the C500 series codec to support dual dialling in both G711 and G722 modes. Please email for further information.

Looking for a C310xr?
The Systembase C500 series of Audio codecs are fully backward compatible with the hugely successful C310xr and C400xr audio codecs. The C500xr series offers customers added features such as extended low frequency response for a great powerful sound coupled with a simple to use WEB based configuration interface. For more information please follow this link.

C510xr information

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